With Great Power...

"You have to learn to walk before you can run", not sure who said it first but we've all heard it at least once. And we've all heard "with great power comes great responsibility", (and no it wasn't Uncle Ben who said it first) but that's where everyone remembers it from, so I will go along...

Aventura Express

Picture this, a paradise in your backyard: It has the bluest river that streams from a waterfall. There are trees that grow mangos, avocados, papayas, oranges (just to name a few). Imagine waking up to that beautiful and breathtaking view anytime, any day...

A Deafening Silence / Un Silencio Ensordecedor

El Sonido del Silencio” expresses deep words and the lyrics are very poetic, which Alex used to express the anguish and desperation to hear God speak to him again. I think we have all felt this way maybe once or twice. We find ourselves in this silence waiting to hear His voice. And we wait and the silence gets louder. So loud it becomes deafening. We start to doubt and become depressed.


I think its a good time now to look back and remember those resolutions, see how far or short we've come but also its a good moment to reflect and plan again to find a way to reach our goals before the year ends. After all, we still have time. 

Big Shoes to Fill

Everyday is HER special day. Why shouldn't it be? She doesn't take vacations or any "me" time. She works 24/7 and 365 days out of the year. She's EXTRAORDINARY. Although we celebrate it once a year, I think its important to value and honor MOTHER'S everyDAY. 

You Don't Go Unnoticed

This weeks post, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I am dedicating it to those ordinary people who live an extraordinary life: our TEACHERS. They might spend their weekends grading papers or their summers working a double job instead of jumping out a plane, or sitting by the beach, living an ordinary life, but what they do is nothing but EXTRAORDINARY.

Ordinary People Living an Extraordinary Life

In the next few blog posts I want to take time and this space to talk about those lives that have impacted my life and many others. The individuals go unnoticed but they never let popularity or fame drive them to do good around them. What made them find good in others and/or return goodness was the love and passion they had for humanity. It wasn't through just words but also their actions that spoke louder. And the following is a story of a man who's faith was as big as his heart.