In Need of a Break...Through

Spring break is right around the corner and I couldn’t agree more with the phrase above. I keep telling myself that once I get a break I’ll be able to relax and recharge.....Maybe, just maybe, a break is what I need....

Big Night

Did I mention its a big night?! It's where talented and hard working people get praised and where their work has been noticed & liked so much that they receive a nomination on one of the most important award ceremonies, and win for the BEST in their category. 


Most people are anxious for the new year. They cannot wait for what 2017 will bring them. They are anticipating more money, a job promotion, getting engaged or married, having kids, or maybe just a boyfriend. 

I was this way too you know, until this year. 


One of my student's said it quite well one morning while helping me decorate my classroom. "Miss. Alvarez, I feel sorry for you", she said. "Oh yeah, and why is that", I replied. "You have such bad luck", she finished. 


"I'll be home for Christmas". You all single ladies and gents know what that means. Aunt Betty, or in my case, Tia Maria SanJuanita de la Paz Benita de la Mancha Cruz, will ask those famous questions that we are all dreading to hear and overall answer: "When will you marry?"


 During this time it is easy to be swept away with the different emotions that have been bottled up all year or to be distracted by all the presents and deals and lose sight of what really matters. You can get grumpy and start complaining by all that is shared in social media: the holiday engagements photos, the vacations photos to that place you've always planned to go, the weddings, and all the great things people seem to have except you.


You might ask me: "It's in the Bible?" Sure. "It's part of your culture?" That too. But am I not an idiot? That's for sure! Overall, I think that all three reasons shape my decisions. 

Floral Skirt

...I've been reminded of my purpose in life. I go with confidence knowing that God is on my side and He will give me the courage to continue and that I am there for a reason. 


People go to the theaters to watch movies because its a place where they can escape from their reality, from their problems. Its a place where they can laugh, dream, and be inspired. "With great power comes great responsibility". I want to inspire others and I believe that we can all inspire others doing what we love and are passionate about. 


 As I get closer to turning 30 years old, which I am not that far from, (yikes), I feel that it is harder to dress up modestly. Fashion trends can be so addictive, that you can get to a point that you forget that you might just be showing too much skin.